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Monday Minireviews - 2/27/02

Welcome to MOATB's first Monday Minireview session! Monday Minis are a few quick hit reviews that I'll post once a week on any random new things I've tried. The subjects covered will usually be random things besides books, or will be books that are either very short or that I don't have as much to say about. That being said, welcome to the first Monday Minireviews!

Gotham City Impostors
In case you haven't heard, Call of Duty and Batman had a drunked one night stand, and CoD got pregnant. The result was Gotham City Impostors, a Batman themed first person shooter that is only available through downloading. This review is off the xBox 360 arcade copy that my boythingy downloaded last week.
I've heard this game described as a mistake, and honestly, the idea behind it is one that I wouldn't have personally touched. I love Batman, I love CoD, but the idea of them together...
Nonetheless, I gave it a try after watching him play it a few dozen times, and honestly? It's kind of great. I've never played Team Fortress, but I was told that this game kind of plays like that. But you know, with batman.
So far, I kind of love the different loadouts/setups you can use. I have a love for playing assassin sneaky bastards, although my love of support characters means that I'm trying to figure out the only support healing item. We'll see how that turns out.
Using an arbitrary rating system...I'd give GCI a 7/10.
...It would get another point if there was more than one female class.

His Robot Girlfriend - Wesley Allison
So I kind of love the idea of androids and that kind of thing. Love Neko was one of my favorite manga for a long time, despite being kind of pervey. I thought it was cute as hell, and went on a 'robot lover' phase where I would read anything like it.
That was a long time ago, but when I saw a legitimate book of that theme, FREE in the Barnes and Noble store...well, I couldn't resist.
His Robot Girlfriend is about a guy who...well, buys a robot girlfriend. And she takes care of him and...yeah. Spents a lot of money? I don't know, it wasn't a very memorable book.
The idea was interesting, but...well, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. The author has no idea how to write, in my honest opinion, and has a severe issue with 'show, don't tell'. There is literally no description in this book. Seriously, the entire book is 'he does this. she did this. she brought him something. they went to bed and she felt like a real girl'.
It was a disappointment, I'll tell you that much, and while I finished it to say that I had...yeah. I'd never read it again. Or recommend it. But I think In Her Name gave me hope for free books, because I probably shouldn't have expected anything good from a random free book as it is.

Hysteria - Eve Gale
So maybe, like I didn't, you don't know what 'treatment for Hysteria' means. Maybe, like me, you see this book as a random free offering, see a pretty cover, and download it out of curiosity.
Let me save you some time. Treatment for Hysteria means being given a orgasm by a doctor. I don't know why, and I don't understand the context, but apparently, that's what this book is about. So yeah.
I went into this expecting a book set in an asylum and got... a girl talking about how much she wants to ride some kind of 1800s sex mount or something. I..didn't get my asylum.
I guess, if you're into that kind of thing, you might like it?
This wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I'm a paranormal romance junkie, so the fact that it's sexually charged wasn't the problem so much as the way it was sexual. ...It was kind of creepy, to be blunt, and like I said, not my thing.

Barnes and Noble's Nook Tablet - 16gb Version
So, as you may or may not know, my kindle was crushed a few months ago after someone who has yet to come forth decided to slam their girth down on it, then hide it in my room to cover their tracks. Being as I'm usually a e-book girl, this was a very painful few months, and since I'm going on a 16 hour bus ride next month, it seemed time to get myself a new e-reader so I wouldn't die on the way to meeting my future in-laws.
So last week I got myself a Nook Tablet, deciding to upgrade, and I'm kind of amazed. I'm not writing a full review, because...well, I'm good with a computer and such, but details of technology escape me. I'm not enough of an expert to go in depth about specs and such.
But here's what I have noticed so far:
The screen is crisp and responds quickly.
This machine is amazingly responsive. The browser moves faster than a lot of computers I've used.
The books are easy to read, and generally format very well.
The backlight is a big change from a kindle, and given the choice between the ink system and a backlight...the backlight wins.
There's not a lot of glare, which is something I was expecting.
However, the smudges on the screen from it being a touch screen are annoying. I'll have to invest in something to fix that.
There's some decent free books on here. Like I said, In Her Name: Empire was amazing.
The app market is...lacking, to say the least. There isn't even a free facebook app. Why the fuck is there not a free facebook app? Hell, there isn't even an official facebook app at all. The hell?
I miss android market.
I'm still trying to figure out that point of that random loop at the bottom corner of the machine.
I wish there was a physical back button.
And also, I'm still figuring some things out.
But yeah, if you're investing in an e-reader, I'd definitely recommend the nook tablet, even if the apps do kind of suck so far. It's kind of sexy.

And that concludes this edition of Monday Minireviews. Hope they were useful!

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