Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poison Tree - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

See, I've been a fan of Atwater-Rhodes since I was a little kid, so getting my hands on this ARC was pretty exciting for me. I was obsessed with Hawksong since long before there was a sequel, and Midnight Predator was a book I reread consistantly for years. That being said, I haven't touched one of her books in a very long time, so as excited as I was, I was probably missing a lot of continuity when I read this. That being said, it reads pretty amazingly as a stand alone, too.

Poison Tree is the story of two girls and the many people intertwined in their lives. Alysia is a young girl trying to work her way up in SingleEarth. Not so long ago, she was on the streets and probably would have died there if it hadn't been for an assassin who saved her from that life. But now she's working, in college, and a human representative for the powerful organization SingleEarth. Sarik is a shapeshifter who ran away from her tribe and was taken in by SingleEarth when she was fleeing. Both girls are on the run from their past, but realize that they may have to face it order to save SingleEarth when the organization is targeted by a hunter.

There are a lot of different stories going on in this book, and I rather enjoyed trying to pull them apart. I probably would have benefited from rereading most of Atwater-Rhodes' other books, since I think they all twist together in this one, but it was definitely a good book by itself. The fact that Sarik is a shapeshifter makes me really curious how Hawksong ties into this, and I'll probably end up rereading a lot of things in order to figure it out!

The characters in Poison Tree are pretty great, and my favorite part of the book was definitely every scene with Sarik and the other shapeshifters. Specifically, Sarik is trying to help out two orphaned shapeshifter boys whose father, the kind of a tribe, was killed during a coup for the tribe. The boys are so...adorable and deep, and I would love another book that would explain what happens to them. I wish I could say more without spoiling things for you!

Overall, anyone who has read any of the other Atwater-Rhodes books and enjoyed them should definitely pick up Poison Tree when it comes out. And if you haven't ever tried one of this amazing author's books, but enjoy paranormal stories with just a hint of romance and depth, I'd suggest you either give Poison Tree a chance, or get introduced to the writing by looking up my favorite book by this author, Hawksong.

Poison Tree comes out July 10th, so get ready to meet Alysia and Sarik!

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