Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Expo America and Giveaways: A Note

Hey, guys! Just got back from my second day at book expo, and let me tell you how much -stuff- I have. A good number of the books are personally signed, but I made sure to get quite a few that aren't so I'd have giveaway fodder.
I'll post up a BEA wrapup when I have time after I get settled into my dorm at Bucknell this weekend, but for now, I'll offer this:
Above is the random scattering of books that I got, not including a few posters, totes, etc. Isn't it great?

I'll be starting a new giveaway as soon as my next review is posted, and it will last for two weeks, just to get us started. The bookmark giveaway is officially cancelled, due to...well, a lack of interest. Some possible books that I may have up for giveaway in the next few months are: the Haunted Mask Goosebumps, Origins, Cursed, and more. Check out the picture to see what other sorts of special treats may or may not show up on the giveaway list!

Keep track of what's going on guys, and hopefully I'll have some goodies for you! And remember, the followers I have before I start a giveaway get an extra entry into any contest or giveaway that I offer, so follow me if you want a chance at some goodies.

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