Saturday, November 5, 2011

United States of Tara - Season One - Showtime

I usually pride myself on not watching TV that much, but a few months ago I found this series OnDemand, and I eventually couldn't resist finishing it. And since I just finished the season, I figured there was no reason why I shouldn't a bibliophile can't like other things too, haha, so why not review it?

United States of Tara is a series on Showtime about a woman who suffers from extreme dissociative identity disorder, complete with a range of alternate identities who include a 16 year old girl, an ideal 50s housewife, and a redneckish guy who is convinced that the reason he doesn't have boy parts is because they were blown off in the vietnam war. I could sum up the rest, but that's pretty much the big draw of the show, and while it sounds like it shouldn't be interesting for that long, it kind of is.

I kind of loved this show. Maybe it's just that part of me that loves crazy people (my mother, my grandmother, my boyfriend...Monk), but it became my favorite pretty fast. I think I literally loved every single character on the show. The gay, nerdy son, the supportive husband, the vaguely slutty daughter with the creeper boss at work....the entire cast just made me happy, and that's without going into the Alters. Buck, the guy alter, was my favorite. He was just completely awesome, from his backstory to his bowling skillz.

I honestly don't think that there was anything about this show that I didn't like, but it definitely isn't a family friendly show. Or, rather, it is except for two episodes where a major plot point involves Tara's sisters boob job, which...sounds a lot worse than it is, actually, but still involves the flashing of bare chest. Needless to say, I almost choked, particularly considering that I was watching in a public place.

I'd recommend United States of Tara to pretty much anyone, because, you know, I love it. And I hope you will too, which is why you should try it! Pick it up on Netflix, try the first episode, just give it a shot. If you liked Monk, this might be your next following. Hell, if you just like the synopsis, try it! It only gets better the farther you go.

And remember: no matter how broken hearted you are, we never light buildings on fire. It's not okay.

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