Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angel Burn - L. A. Weatherly

If I learned one thing at BEA this year, it's that getting in lines with few to no people can be a damn good thing. Going in, I had no idea this book was going to be there, no idea I was going to get it, and probably no idea it even existed. To be perfectly honest, I was bribed by pretty cover art. I have never been so happy to have taken a random chance.

Angel Burn, by L. A. Weatherly is about Willow, a young girl obsessed with cars who just happens to also be psychic. After giving a girl in her school a reading, Willow is torn away from everything she knows when a church dedicated to worshipping angels decides that she is a threat. They believe that she can destroy the angels they follow, and they will stop at nothing to catch her. What they don't know is that Willow IS an angel. Or half of one. At least, that's what the angel killer tells her.

Let me start by saying I adore the premise behind this book. A world in which angels are twisted evil parasites? Yes please. And, to be honest, the fact that Willow is a half breed appeals to that preteen in me who used to read fanfictions where the main character was an all powerful half-elfhumandemoncactus. I was hooked in the first few chapters, and the story didn't disappoint.

Angel Burn is an action romance sort of story, and while the romance was a little cheesy at times, it was still pretty cute. I loved the idea behind angel burn itself--the affliction in the story, not the title--and reading about Willow coming to terms with the fact that she's half divine was my favorite part of the book. The only real flaw I can think of is how easily Alex accepted Willow, considering his reasons for hating angels to begin with, which would probably be why I think the romance is cheesy. I've never been a fan of stories where two characters seem to start disliking or hating each other, and then suddenly are in love without any serious development. Not to say there isn't character development in Angel Burn, but I don't think there was enough for Alex to just suddenly decide he doesn't hate Willow's angel.

With that said, however, I'll still be keeping an eye out for the next book in the trilogy that Angel Burn starts, and I'll still recommend it. People who like stories that twist religion will probably like Angel Burn a lot, and if you're one of those people I'd suggest you consider adding it to your 'to be read' list, if nothing else. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, hardcore biblethumpers probably need not apply.

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